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By focusing on simple, everyday objects like trees, leaves, overhead wires, and shadows, my photographs are reminders that when we pay attention deeply to anything, something exquisite shines through, whether we call it beauty, essence, the sacred, oneness, or any other name.


Ryan's first book, The Music of Trees is a journey through three of his series of tree photographs, and three different ways of seeing: from the relatively representational Tree Portraits, to the Memoria photographs evoking the world of dreams and the imagination, and the Multiple Visions photographs inspired by the oneness that unites everything everywhere.
A Singing Wire is a duet between Ryan's photographs and his mother Virginia Bush's poems, showing what happens when we relate with harmony and cooperation, rather than the me-first approach that runs rampant in our modern world.
From Wandering to Illumination weaves together Ryan's 3-D multiple exposure photographs of trees, along with the ancient Greek Eleusinian Mysteries (which were effective for thousands of years at introducing people to the mysteries of our true nature, and that of the world), and our modern effort to reconnect with soul on both the personal and collective levels. 
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Please let us know if there's any way we can help, or if the work speaks to you!

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