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At Los Gatos Reiki, our mission is to help us all connect with our Whole Self, through healing, teaching, and community. While our focus is on the traditional teachings from Mikao Usui, when applicable we will share techniques from other traditions as well. All traditions are ultimately talking about the same Source, whether you call it the Great Bright Light, the Tao, the Brahman, the fundamental ground of being, or simply everything. The mysteries of energy, spirit and healing are too complex for any one tradition to describe fully, and when need be we can draw the best from each.

We encourage a balance between tradition and experimentation. In the tradition of Western Empiricism, there is a time to suspend disbelief and try something whole-heartedly to see if it works. However, there is also a time to try doing things a new way, experimenting to see what works and why. And, there is always a time to unask the question, to transcend it in a completely new way, or to let go just be Reiki.

Our primary focus is to  help people lead richer, happier, more fulfilling lives, by learning to work with their energy, to be able to ground, center. and balance themselves whenever need be (even in the most difficult circumstances that life can bring), and to open and awaken to connect with the entirety of their self.



Ryan J. Bush, Ph.D. is a fine-art photographer, author of The Music of Trees and co-author of A Singing Wire, and Reiki master/teacher based in Los Gatos, California. He has been photographing seriously since 1996, using techniques such as abstraction, multiple exposure, 3-D photography, and video art to explore themes of consciousness, oneness, our connection with nature, and the sacred hidden in the mundane.


  • wide range of museum-quality, limited edition photographs, both framed and unframed

  • books on art, poetry, and consciousness

  • in-person and online workshops and presentations

  • video art, meditation downloads

  • one-on-one consultation and coaching, to increase creativity and artistic vision, and make progress on personal and spiritual development



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